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The History of Wedding and Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring Store in Los AngelesWedding Band Universe is an engagement ring store in Los Angeles that offers countless handmade wedding rings that symbolizes the love of a couple as they commit to one another for the rest of their lives. But have you ever thought about how the idea of wedding and engagement rings began? We thought we would offer a short little history of how these two symbols of commitment all began to give you an idea of how much attention and care Wedding Band Universe puts into our rings because we know how much they mean.

For untold eons the ring has been a proud symbol of love, fealty and commitment. The ring is sign of commitment to a person; unending show of faith and loyalty that has persisted through thousands of years of history to become nothing less than a true commitment of mind, body and soul. Much like the Wedding Band Universe engagement ring store in Los Angeles, the diamond is steeped in tradition as a sign of commitment and the quintessential message of romantic love dating back to thousands of years ago when it was believed that Cupid’s arrows were tipped in diamonds to hasten the formation of love between two people. Diamonds grew in and out of favor through the years, but in the Middle Ages they became popular once again when wealthy land barons chose the invincible diamond as a symbol of an “unquenchable” love, becoming the stone of choice for wedding bands and engagement rings once again.

Through the years the ring and the diamond have persisted as a true symbol of love and commitment, marrying them into one symbol of marriage rather than two, just like the marriage of two people in love. Wedding Band Universe understands that marriage is a truly beautiful and lasting endeavor between a couple and as an engagement ring store in Los Angeles, the rings created are the epitome of the love, loyalty and lasting commitment that will last until death parts them.

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