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Los Angeles Wedding Bands

Wedding Band Universe is a truly exceptional jewelry store that offers Los Angeles wedding bands from the famed Kourosh Jewelry, Inc that has over 25 years experience in the custom jewelry industry. At Wedding Band Universe wedding bands are our specialty and we strive to create jewelry that stands that test of time and offers a true and lasting symbol of the love a couple has for one another. All of our Los Angeles wedding bands are designed and handmade within the United States and hold either 14 karat or 18 karat gold within their structure. Our handmade designs are our lifeblood and we put our hearts and souls into every ring we design and that love of jewelry shows in every wedding ring we offer on our site.

When we undertake our the design and handmade creation of our wedding bands seriously because we know that they will forever be a symbol of the faith, love and purity between two people and can be nothing less than worthy of holding that honor for years to come. As a provider of quality Los Angeles wedding bands, Wedding Band Universe continuously strives to create exceptional wedding bands from classic styles to diamond bands, Celtic wedding bands and truly innovative modern ring designs that allow a couple to show their love in truly inventive ways.

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